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Evelyn Biles is a frequently sought out teacher, counselor, mentor, and friend of multiple individuals, groups, and organizations. She possesses a unique combination of intellectual acumen, extensive training, practical experience, and clear insight in the areas of conflict management, leadership development, and counseling dynamics. She also has the gift and passion for training and leading others toward acquiring and understanding the knowledge base and skills required in these disciplines.

DISC TTT  (23-24 March 2013)


Thank you VERY much for the great time we had during the training last weekend. That was such a wonderful and empowering experience.  I really enjoyed meeting you all and learning from you too. – Marcio

It was great making new friends of great personalities!-  Blessings, Lillian Dorai


How to predict future business enivronments and drive a company ahead of its competitors. By Janice Tan

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Crisis Intervention and Stress Management

Individual Crisis Intervention and Peer Support & Group Crisis Intervention 

Download Brochure Now: CISM Brochure (GRIN) – April 2013

This 3-day course combines ALL of the content of ICISF’s Individual Crisis Intervention and Peer Support & Group Crisis Intervention courses. Completion of “Individual Crisis Intervention and Peer Support” & “Group Crisis Intervention” and receipt of a certificate indicating full attendance (27 Contact Hours) qualify as two CORE classes in ICISF’s Certificate of Specialized Training Program.

Group Crisis Intervention 

Designed to present the core elements of a comprehensive, systematic and multi-component crisis intervention curriculum, the Group Crisis Intervention course will prepare participants to understand a wide range of crisis intervention services. Fundamentals of Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) will be outlined and participants will leave with the knowledge and tools to provide several group crisis interventions, specifically demobilizations, defusings, and the Critical Incident Stress Debriefing (CISD). The need for appropriate follow-up services and referrals when necessary will also be discussed.

Individual Crisis Intervention and Peer Support 

CI is not psychotherapy; rather, it is a specialized acute emergency mental health intervention which requires specialized training. As physical first aid is to surgery, crisis intervention is to psychotherapy. Thus, CI is sometimes called “emotional first aid”. This program is designed to teach participants the fundamentals of, and specific protocol for individual crisis intervention.


Download Brochure Now: CISM Brochure (GRIN) – April 2013